Welcome to the National Life Group Application Platform

Welcome to National Life’s charitable grant and sponsorship application page.



BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR A GRANT, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: Our grant application is open between January 1 and March 31. We will not accept applications after midnight on March 31. Our philanthropic focus is on programs that help end childhood hunger and support children’s mental health. Our secondary focus is community development. Our primary giving areas are central and northern Vermont and the Dallas, Texas region. We do not donate money to religious, political, or fraternal organizations. Finally, we don’t make grants to organizations that discriminate in any way on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

We will communicate decisions regarding your application in May with approved donations sent in June. If your grant application is approved, it could be for a partial amount. We strive to fund as many as we can that fall within our focus areas, have direct and substantial impact, highlight collaboration with other organizations to achieve results, and exhibit sustainability.



Our sponsorship application is open year-round beginning in January although our budget tends to be depleted by the end of August. The sooner you can share your event or program with us, the better. We’re interested in sponsorship opportunities that get the National Life name into our communities. Please include marketing benefits with your application and submit it at least two months prior to your event or program.  We also look for impact; we’re interested in reaching as many folks as possible.       


Since 1848, National Life has been committed to helping others through our products, financial and in-kind donations and volunteerism, recognizing that strong communities support strong businesses. We’re interested in learning about your organization and the good it does!        


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